Feedback Friday: Spider Help!


Our Friday would be much better if our two daughters and I didn't have spider bites that itch like crazy. Our youngest daughter's neck is so bad that her neck is swollen and the huge bits look like they are almost raw. The doctor confirmed that they are insect bites and most likely spiders.

Since we live on a wooden ravine we are constantly fighting bugs that come in the house, mainly spiders that do bite us. I refuse to use harsh chemicals to kill spiders so I need your help to come up with a better way.

My question for you:

What do you use for natural indoor pest control?

Thanks for your help!


sara l said...

The best think I know is to go on a broom attack. Move the furniture away from the walls in the areas where the kids are most and brush away the cob webs.

Benadryl cream does amazing things for the bites they already have. I hope someone has a better solution than mine.

DogAteMyFinances said...

That would seriously be enough to make me move. I wouldn't be able to sleep.

autumnesf said...

I invite my own personal Texas Gecko into the house with open arms each spring. Love that little spider eating creature!

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