Lost your Hope? We Have the Cure

You may have noticed the banner on the far right. The Mrs. was downright giddy when she got the email from Dave's group regarding this one-time event. It wasn't even a question of if we would do it, but rather would we have enough space to open it to the public. Within 24hrs of getting the email, we were one of 1500 sites signed up to host the even live via satellite.

"But what exactly is a 'Town Hall for Hope'?"

Good question. Hit the link, and I'll tell you.

The state of our economy is no secret. It's bad - no one will dispute that. For nearly a year, the pundits and reports tried to scare us all into believing that we were in a recession and heading into a depression. All the while consumer confidence dwindles.

It doesn't help that all the jokers on CNBC are spewing terrible advice, and opportunists like Suze Orman are coming out with books specifically for 2009 (pssst! Suze! If your advice were any good, it wouldn't change with the wind. Just so you know.) Uncertainty, fear, doom/gloom.

Fear has been beaten into us. Day after day. News cast after news cast. Dave is sick of it. So are we. America is a nation that has lost it's hope.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, But when desire comes, it is a tree of life.
-Proverbs 13:12

On April 23rd, be ready for a big dose of desire. Ready to stop participating in the recession? During the Town Hall for Hope, Dave Ramsey will be speaking for 30 minutes about today's economy. He'll look at a historical and even biblical perspective as well as looking at the hard numbers. Then, and here is where it really gets good, he's going to be taking your questions - by phone, email, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube... and any other way they can sort out.

Are you participating in the recession? Will you be attending the Town Hall? Hosting?


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