Couponing Frustrations

I try to keep my blog posts up beat and proactive. Who likes to hear people complain? Well, I just need to vent a little today and get some advise from you.

When we lived in Texas I could get about 10 coupon inserts per week from the office building I worked in. It make couponing a little easier. Now day's I'm a stay at home mom in Michigan with access to no newspaper coupon inserts. I have to print all coupons from the internet.

I basically gave up couponing for the last 2 years. Over the past three weeks I have started to try couponing again. This morning I spent a lot of time printing coupons and making a list of deals for my local Target. I was actually excited about all the great deals and what I could get for very little. BUT when I got to Target everything on my list was sold out or not carried in my store! It was very frustrating since I just spent a lot of time and ink. I also just dragged my baby out into the cold rain for nothing.

So today it cost me more money then I saved. In fact, by having to print all my coupons I've found that I'm always disappointed because I'm spending more then I'm saving. I'm thinking that I should just stick with what works for me and that is not using coupons.

Do any of you have suggestions on how I could avoid couponing disasters like today?


Gina said...

I have had that happen so many times, but especially at Target. The Targets and Walmarts here also seem to have much higher prices than the blog deals indicate, so I usually can't get those deals.

Why can't you get any newspaper inserts at all? Just hoping to help you problem-solve that one.

Also, what are some ways you can reduce how much you're printing? What about only printing the coupons you KNOW you'll use at the grocery store? Do you have CVS or Walgreens? They'll take IPs easily.

autumnesf said...

Also in Texas. I tried to start this too and went to Walcrap with a handful of coupons just to be informed that they dont take coupons printed from computers anymore.


Mrs. (not) the Jet Set said...

The local paper is expensive and is not delivered until after 4pm (usually later then that even) because one lady does all the home deliveries. All of our neighbors have also dropped service as well.

I'm not able to take them from the local recycling center's dumpsters because we have curbside pick up.

We do have a Walgreens but the same thing happens there as well. They never seem to have the item or it's not on sale here.

I only print the coupons after I make my detailed coupon shopping list so that I'm not wasting ink, but that takes a lot of time and then they don't have the item or it's not on sale here.

Thanks for the ideas, keep them coming!

Junipercards said...

I have tried all the methods. Buying the Sunday paper and sorting through the non-sense. "Trying" to print coupons online..only getting fed up with..my browser needing to upload this version of that before I can even start the process. I JUST WANT THE DANG COUPON!!! I am just amazed when I go to the grocery store and see women with elaborate systems of categorizing their coupons! I mean they have BIG accordion style folders..putting my 2 coupons in my hand to shame.
It's crazy! It is frustrating!
The only true way I have found to get a "usable" coupon is to contact the manufacturer of the item I really want (myself) and being sent (by mail) a real life coupon. Whew..I feel a little stressed! ;-)

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