Friday Feedback: Super Sized Life

Friday is here all ready! It has been the most beautiful week here in Michigan. Seeing the sun and playing outside with the kids really lifted our spirits. I hope that all of you were able to enjoy a sneak preview of spring as well.

This week our Friday Feedback question is related to a post from earlier this week on living a super sized life. Without any more delay, here is the question.

What area of your life is super sized?

Is it your car, house, food, kids, extra activities, vacation or something else? Enter your answer into the poll on the right side. Feel free to add a little comment explaining your super sized life!

For us, nothing is super sized at the moment. We stopped living super sized about 4 years ago. Back then it was food for us. We loved to cook really nice food and when we ate out it was always expensive restaurants.


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