NtJS Household Budget - Feb '09

January was a month full of unexpected things. My brother's wedding was canceled just a couple weeks before hand. I wrecked our truck when I hit an icy patch on the interstate. My grandfather died. There were also some other little unexpected things as well.

It almost felt like Murphy moved in this month! Lucky for us, we have already got our financial act together. We had the cushion we needed in the budget to hand these blows.

January's Budget Recap:

  • We did have just over 1k in unexpected "emergency" expenses.
  • We were able to weather the financial storm w/out wrecking our budget.
  • The money we wanted to set aside in the car replacement fund was used instead to help cover the insurance deductible.
  • Under budget on food and gas.

February Budget:
  • Our oldest daughter has outgrown almost all of her shoes so this month I'll be hitting the outlet looking for some good sales on shoes for her.
  • We budgeted extra for our date night this month.
  • Apply tax refund to a new larger deep freeze and the rest goes into the car replacement fund.
  • Take home pay decreased because of increase in health insurance premium.

2009 Financial Goals:
  • Save for new roof (100% of funds by late spring) (Started)
  • Start putting money in Roth again after roof is fully funded
  • Continue to save for kids' college in 529s (Started)
  • Continue to do company matching 401k (Started)
  • Fully fund Roth and 529s by late summer
  • Start aggressively saving for a new car (Applying tax return)
Did Murphy move into your house? How did you fair in January? If you are like me your glad it's over!


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