Feedback Friday: Full Disclosure

If you have taken the time to review the items in the column to the right you have noticed that we have a "Full Disclosure" section.
Here is what it currently looks like:

Full Disclosure

  • Living on a monthly budget since Sept 2004
  • Personal credit card accounts: 0
Debt Snowball $39,247.50 of $39,247.50 (100%) Debt-free since June 2006

Emergency Fund $9000 of $9000 (100%)

HDTV Challenge $1,345 of $1,345 (100%)

15-yr Mortgage(2007) 2 of 15yrs (13.3%)

Our blog is about money and how we handle it. We both feel that if you are going to blog about what to do with your money you need to be open and honest with what you are doing with your own funds. Our question to you is what would you like to see added to our disclosures? Jog on over to the poll on the right and let us know which you would like us to add.

Here are your options:
1) Nothing
2) Car replacement fund
3) Roof replacement fund
4) Kid's college savings
5) Retirement savings
6) All 2009 goals
7) Other (please leave details in the comments section)

May the best disclosure win!


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