Changing Your Habits

Breaking news....
People are not spending as much money as they did a year ago. Even Walmart is feeling the effects. They have reported that their customers are buying just the essentials.

When I heard this earth shattering news I had to wonder three things. One, is it really news worthy to say that people are not buying stuff they don't need? And secondly, why is it so terrible that people now want to live within their means?

To our family this is not a new way of living. This has been our way of living for over 4 years now. Now that we are out of debt and have a fully funded emergency fund, we do buy more then the essentials. The few extra splurges we do buy however, must fit within our budget. For us it just feels good to live within our means no matter how big or small our income is, we don't have the added stress that those extras bring.

Did you think that I forgot my third question? NO! I was just saving the best for last. When did you stop over spending? Was it 5 months ago, 1 year or 5 years? Feel free answer in the poll on the right side bar.


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