Too Much Junk In The Trunk?

Did you have to much junk in the trunk after the family Christmas (you didn't really think I would be talking about my behind did you?)? We sure did. In fact, we could not fit it all in the car. Half of our two daughter's gifts had to stay at the grandparents. We will get them in two weeks when we go back home for our youngest daughter's first birthday party. Let's just hope that the left over gifts from Christmas and her birthday presents all fit in the car this trip!

Every year we ask the family to only give the girls a few really nice toys. Every year they ignore the girl's wish lists for the most part and buy LOTS of cheap stuff instead. Every year we then have to find room for 30+ new toys.

We are NOT the Jet Set so we don't have a huge mansion with a playroom for each child. In fact, we live in an extremely modest house in which the girls share a bedroom (yes, I do hear the audible gasp from mainstream America) and no playroom. The toys are either in their room or in only living room/family room which is not huge either. So what do we do with all the toys and other Christmas gifts?

Well, If I had my way only about 10 would find their way to our house the rest would be donated to some needy kids or returned for (we would trade the store credit dollar amount for the same amount put into their savings account). What I want to do doesn't really matter. There is no way that we could do that. The kids would die if we took away their presents.

What we do instead is make room in our house. Oh yes, the dreaded de-cluttering, purging and cleaning. This is one of the few traditions we have in our family that I dread. However, it works. Out with the old, in with the new! By the end I have three large piles one to save, one to sell, and one to give away. More to come on our de-cluttering process.

What do you do to make room for the Junk in YOUR Trunk?

photo by: justbeingjenn


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