Our Anniversary Vacation - Jet Set or Not?

The Mrs. and I took advantage of an opportunity and got away for our wedding anniversary this year. Destination: Chicago. We had a great time, despite missing the kids. While there, I began to ponder, "just how 'not the jet set' is this vacation?"

In some ways, it easily qualified. Other had me feeling decidedly jet-set. I thought it best to do a rundown of our vacation and decide it point by point.

((Mind the giant gap, not sure what happened))

Jet Set
Vacation Scorecard

Not Jet Set
-Travel - Driving? Flying? Nah. We took the train. We left the driving to Amtak and were actually one of the few that made it into town due to the crazy winter weather. Each leg cost about $22 per person.+1
+1Hotel - This is a tough one as we stayed at the Dana hotel and Spa - brand new and quite swank. But we got a great deal on the rate through Expedia. Total cost for 3 nights was $534 after tax, title, and license.+1
+2Dining - This is an easy one. High on the hog doesn't begin to cover it. Our anniversary dinner was in the car payment range. Not to mention the excellent French brasserie and the Chicago pizzeria we ate at the other two nights. Our total food bill rivaled what we spent on the hotel! Was worth every penny.-
-Transportation - Once we got to town, we took cab to and from the hotel, but other than that, we hoofed it. We did take the bus once to get us to the Art Institute. But even in the -30* wind chill weather, we walked. $30 for two cab rides and $4 for the bus ride.
+1Shopping - We shopped at the finest stores on the Magnificent mile. Shopped, but didn't buy much. The Mrs. did well at Nordstrom Rack (deep discount). I, on the other hand, did buy some nice things from Crate and Barrel and Macy's. Next time, we'll skip Michigan Ave, and stay on State St. I doubt that we spent more than $250 in total.
-Child Care - The in-laws not only watched the kids for us, but they even picked them up (a 2-1/2 hour drive). Definitely a sweet deal and dare I say, the best anniversary gift parents can get.+1
-Entertainment - Entertainment was fairly limited. Most of which was provided by the in-room cable tv - quite a treat for us. The one bit of entertainment extravagance came from the the show we saw on Michigan Avenue - Quantum of Solace. 21 bones.+1
Advantage: Not Jet Set


Was close at first, but in the end, the frugal prevailed. You couldn't tell it on the surface, but this vacation was decidedly not jet set. Really we splurged where it really counted. The Bible says that your treasure is where your heart is. In our case, it's likely closer to our stomachs!

Where do you splurge on vacations? Where do you skimp?


Ashley @ Wide Open Wallet said...

DANG!! I want to go out to eat with you guys once in a while. Your treat of course! ;)

Sounds like you had a great vacation! Congrats.

Ms. May said...

I love this kind of getaway -- good job balancing what is important for you both, and great job carving out a little quality time for just the two of you. Go Grandparents!!

Mr. (not) the Jet Set said...

Not so fast, Ashley. The Mrs. had to be married to me for 6 years before she got to go!

Ms. May - the very most important thing was that we did it. Every couple needs to let loose - with out the kids - every once in a while.

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