Is It Raining At Your House?

It seems like when it rains, it pours. At least at house that is always the case. In fact, at this very moment I'm really paranoid that the other shoe (or in this case the 4th shoe) will drop. Let me explain.

We started a major remodeling project in our only full bathroom over Labor Day weekend that was not planned but forced on us by the house (ie. a bad leak). It's still not complete because everything that could go wrong has. Everything in the bathroom has been complicated by the custom everything in it from the 60's. The Mr. has been putting in some very long days and even weekends at work because of deadlines and less staff after the layoff. And every time we turn around something else is happening. For example in the last 7 days we found water in the basement because of our sump pump breaking. Of course that happened on the weekend so we had to pay extra for that job. Then on Tuesday night, actually make that Wednesday morning 1 am when the Mr. got home from working late, the only toilet we have in our house broke. Of yes, 1am. In the morning with a about 3 hours of sleep we realized that it could not be fixed because it was the "guts" of the toilet that broke and it is the orginal toilet to the house. So we were forced into buying a new toilet and installing it ourselves that night as soon as the Mr. came home. All these unexpected expenses are adding up fast.

Am I writing this to complain? I'm only partially venting. I'm really writting this for another reason. To remind everyone why it is important to have an emergancy fund that is easily accessible. Just last night I told the Mr. that I was really sad about blowing $645 on emergancy house repairs this week because I was going to have to not buy the kids some of the things I was planning on buying for Christmas and I was also going to wipe clean my new deep freezer fund to pay for these bills. He just looked at me and said "Don't do that. You shouldn't have to start over we can just use our emergancy funds for this stuff". As sweet as the statement was (and it really was). In my mind I could not justify dipping into the EF with the uncertain future of the job market. However, if we didn't have the extra savings for other items I would have been transferring funds from our EF savings account into our checking account yesterday afternoon so that I could buy that new toilet.

Do you have an emergancy fund in place? Have you talked to your spouse about what you would consider an emergancy? If not, start today! If you are dragging your feet just watch the news tonight and maybe that will motivate you to start saving for that rainy day.

And one last question for you. Is it raining at your house? If so tell us about. I'd love to have others join me in this little pitty party today!


sara l said...

We have an efund that's hanging out at 5K. We haven't decided on what exactly an emergency is, but we talk before every big purchase and keep a good handle on what's going in and what's going out.

sara l said...

My computer goofed before I could say I hope the rain stops soon!

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