Made in the USA= Jobs in the USA: Cleaning Products

What is under your sink? Toxic petroleum based products produced overseas? If you look under my sink that's not what you find. You will find some of the most environmentally friendly cleaners made in the USA, some even mixed in my own home.

What are some good ones? Check out my list!

Bi-O-Kleen- I personally go through the bottles of Bac-Out fast. I use them on nasty (cloth) diapers. It takes the stains right out. They also care a variety of other cleaning products as well.

Borax- What would we do without Borax? I make most of my own cleaners and Borax is a staple in cleaning recipes. I was happy to see on my box that it is made in the USA. I'm not sure what I would do if it wasn't!

Charlie Soap- Like many cloth diapering mom's I use Charlie soap and love it! We wash all our laundry in it as well. Once my diapering days are done I think that I will continue to use it since it does a great job.

Dr. Bronner- Dr. Bronner is know for their soaps. They also have a special forumla for housework soap.

Environmentally Friendly Products- This company is best know for Ecos, their laundry detergent. Along with the laundry soap they produce a large variety of cleaners to fill all your cleaning supply needs.
Seventh Generation- This is the statement I found on their website:
"We manufacture our products at co-packers who use our unique formulas, and meet our stringent quality control specifications. These facilities are primarily located in North America to minimize our carbon footprint caused by transportation. Some of our products are made in Canada and in Europe.

Since we do not own our own facilities, we benefit from the state of the art equipment and manufacturing flexibility that our manufacturing partners can provide."

So do check their packaging before purchasing. They make a wide variety of products including toilet paper, paper towel, napkins, diapers, wipes, dishwasher soap, etc. I could list the items all day long! We personally use their paper towel and dishwashing powder.

Are there others that make their products in the USA? If you know of one that I missed that is both made in the USA and environmentally friendly please chime in.

Is there a specific product catergory you are wondering about? Please let us what other items you want us to write about. There are countless catergories to cover in our Made in the USA series so speak up to get your topics bummed to the top of the list!


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