Made in the USA = Jobs in the USA: Bath and Body

I never really thought about where my bath and body products were made. I was just concerned about what was in the bottle. Well, much to my surprise everything we use is made in the USA! For this category I reviewed some of the top all natural/organic brands since I feel strongly about the harsh chemicals used in traditional products. I was actually blown away by the great variety of USA made products I found.

Check it out for yourself!

Aveda- The response I received from Aveda was that the "bulk" of their products are made in the USA, but not all of them are. They never did give me an answer as to which ones where made here so you will have to look at the packaging to answer that question.

Burt's Bees- Who doesn't know Burt's Bees? Most large retailers carrier their products. Personally, I love their lip balm!

California Baby-
I love CB's products! I've been using them on my girls for over a year and would not use anything else.

Dr. Bronner's- Dr. Bronner's has been making their soap in the USA since 1858. I have friend's who swear by their 18-in-1 castile soap.

Earth Mama- After having our youngest daughter I used their products for myself. I really did enjoy them and hope to give them as apart of baby shower gifts.

EO- EO has many wonderful products. Mr. NtJS uses their shaving cream and we both like it...

Giovanni- The Giovanni products we use are made in the USA. I'm not sure if all are since never did respond to my email requests. The packaging does say where the product was made.

Jason- I contacted them via their website and never recieved a response. I can tell you that at least some of their products are made in the USA, if not all. Check the container before buying.

Kiss My Face- I love the name of this company. This well known brand is still a small USA business. We have used a variety of their products and have liked them all.

Nature's Gate- Nature's Gate makes all of their products in the USA, except their organic deodorants (which are made in Canada). We use their tea tree shampoo and conditioner and really like it.

Are your bath and body products made in the USA? If so, tell us what you like or don't like! We want to hear YOUR recommendations for USA made made products.


Burt Bees said...

I love Burts Bees lip balm too!
I found a Burts Bees webpage (in the link) around 3 weeks ago, and bought some of their lipbalm, and it's one of the best purchases I ever made. I'm used to be a really bad lip-picker and always ended up with chapped, nasty looking lips. Well, not any more!! It does such a fantastic job at keeping my lips looking and feeling fine. I so recommend this to anyone who has the same troubles as me.

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