The Patriot Pact

Last week, we were ranting and raving over the government using our tax dollars to bailout dumb corporations (it still hasn't happened yet). The Mrs. and I had differing views on the hows and whys of this funked up economy. And that's ok - it makes for interesting conversation.

One thing that we do agree on here, is that turning things around starts with you.

That's right. You and I hold this country's future in our hands. We can't directly control corporations, unless we happen to sit in the big office with the nice view and have the letters C, E, and O on the door. We can't directly control congress, that is unless when people write your name, they use the prefix Rep. or Sen. What we do have complete control of, is what happens in our own homes. We control the products that come in. We control the money that goes out. When you think about it, we actually do control a lot. And that is what the Patriot Pact is all about.

Mr. and Mrs. have come across the aisle, to jointly sponsor a plan, not for America, but for Americans. A plan to get our own houses in order instead of waiting for Congress to do it. A plan to take back the future of this nation from the lobbyists and special interest groups. A plan for people who are sick of watching things happen, only to wonder, "Why?". A plan that requires no special skills - only the will to do it. My fellow Americans, we give you the Patriot Pact.

The Patriot Pact v0.1

  1. I will not buy products solely because they have the lowest price.
  2. I will seek out American made products first.
  3. I will seek out environmentally friendly products and services first.
  4. I will shop local first, and national chains second.
  5. I will support companies whose morals and values line up with my own.
  6. I will live on a budget, avoid debt, and seek to bring peace and simplicity to my finances.
  7. I will hold at least one garage sale per year. (It is also acceptable to donate your 'garage sale items' in lieu of holding a sale)
  8. I will support charities and non-profit organizations that line up with my morals and values as my income permits. Equal opportunity should be given to both local and national organizations.
  9. I will bank with local banks and/or credit unions, instead of mega-banks.
  10. I will support and/or vote for candidates in touch with the reality of the issues at hand, instead of rhetoric.
  11. I will only vote when I can make an educated decision about a candidate or issue.
  12. I will vote out incumbents who serve their own interests over ours.
  13. I will contact my elected officials to inform them of my opinions as needed.
  14. I will politely encourage friends, family, neighbors and others to consider these points and/or to take the pact as well.

The Patriot Pact is not meant to be set in stone, but rather a 'living document'. It may evolve. It may change. We may add to or subtract from it. But the intent will remain the same. We welcome your input.

Will you take our pledge? Will you take back our country? Tell us in the comments.

Good night, and may God bless America.


Auntie Em said...

I'll join you! I'd love to here about where you find your American made items.

Mr. (not) the Jet Set said...

We'll have some future posts on retailers stocking and even specializing in American made products.

In the meantime, do some asking around. Make it a point to check for country of origin information when comparing products.

Also, I think some legislation just passes for country of origin info on food labeling. Big win!

Gabrielle Chilton said...

Good for you! We can make a change that is if people want to stop being lazy and do it. I advocate DIY as much as you can, cook meals at home, take a home made lunch instead of visiting fast food chains. Be Frugal, Frugal. This is a shitty economic mess, and many of us could see it coming. This is what happens when people live beyond their means. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if those CEOs that collected all the money are some how connected to the terriorst countries, directly or indirectly. Idiots! Read my blog from time to time. Google: loosebuttonsblogspot.com I teach people how to be frugal, sew, cook etc. Who was it that said, you can give a man a fish or you can teach him how to fish. Something like that anyway. Hey! The more money we spend our money at these big retail chains, the richer these CEOs become. Figure it out folks and get with it.Gabrielle!

Emily @ Little Home said...

Hey, cool blog - a good read.

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