The Patriot Pact: Reality, Not Rhetoric

If you haven't read our first draft of the Patriot Pact, then be sure to check it out. We're our to remind Americans how much power they actually wield, and begin to steer our nation in a direction that doesn't lead to stupid.

For those of you who have read the Pact, you likely noticed that 10 through 13 are are political based, yet non-partisan. Neither party is always right, and neither is always on the correct side of the issues. That is for you to figure out. But that is not always easy to do. This being an election year, it is increasingly important to get a grip on what is going on.

How, as a voter, do you separate the rhetoric from reality, and make an educated decision?

TV ads aren't going to get you there. The internet is a slippery slope of myths, lies, rumors and occasional truth. Source is always important. Hot off the heels of the third and final Presidential Debate here is a tip for separating signal from noise.

Lately, I've found it quite informative to read the Fact Check posts on CNN's Political Ticker. Sure, each news outlet has and shows it's bias. But these Fact Checks are backed up by data collected from independent sources. One of which is factcheck.org

Will McCain raise taxes? Will Obama spend us into the poor house? Did Palin shut down the Bridge to Nowhere? Did Biden say that Obama was not ready to lead?

Here you will find the facts, clearly stated, followed by a conclusion. True? False? Misleading? Incomplete? They let you know. Responsible voting - now that's patriotic.

How do you seek out the truth when it comes to politics?


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