Made in the USA = Jobs in the USA: Clothing

When I'm looking into buying clothes for my family the first place I check is garage sales. If I can not find what we need in a reasonable amount of time then I look for US made clothing. There is still a wide variety of clothing made in the USA. Take a look at some I've found.

All American Clothing Co.- This company makes a variety of clothes to cover almost any of your (men's and women's) clothing needs.

American Apparel- All of their clothing is made in Downtown L.A. They are one of my favorites because they have a nice AFFORDABLE selection of organic cotton apparel.

Apple Pie Apparel- This website only sells American made clothing.

Carhartt- This high quality work clothes is still made state side. I grew up wearing their coveralls and overalls in the winter time. They hold up well to abuse!

Etsy Shops- Etsy has thousands of listings for clothing most are made here in America others are spruced up here. There are listings from sellers around the world so do check the location of each artisan.

Hyena Cart- Like Etsy Hyena cart is made up of artisans and crafters. The difference is Hyena Cart is earth friendly (but so are a lot of Etsy sellers).

Lucky Jeans- When I contacted them they said that all of their jeans are made in the US. Some of their other items such as the bags, jewelry, and shirts are produced in other countries.

Prom Party Dress- Most of their dresses are made in the USA. Before you buy you should ask to make sure that the dress you like is a USA made item.

I hope that this list helps you to fulfill your clothing needs while keeping jobs and money close to home. Some of the upcoming posts to this series include toys, bath and body products, appliances, and more! This Christmas season, buy Made in the USA gifts for your friends and loved ones.

Do you know of any other companies that make their clothing right here in the great USA?
If so, comment below and I will add them to my list.

I have not bought clothing for all of these sources, so I'm not giving my opinion on the quality of the products. I would suggest doing a search for reviews before buying any product sight unseen. If you work for any of these companies and would like for us to do a product review please feel free to contact us. I would love to review US made products and help consumers buy quality US made items.


Mr. ToughMoneyLove said...

Thanks for this list. Diamond Gusset Jeans are American made. I believe RedWing shoes and boots are all American made. If I find something else, I will come back to this post and mention it.

Anonymous said...

I keep reading on many blogs of this type that Red Wing shoes are Made in the USA, this is not true. They have a casual line of shoes that are made overseas. I just found this article, please read...


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, American Apparel's founder and owner is not a very nice person. Google Dov Charney sexual harassment and you will see what I mean. Or check out this blog...


Mr. (not) the Jet Set said...

I didn't know that Red Wing made casual shoes. It appears that their signature work boots are still a safe bet.

I certainly wouldn't look at this list as a holistic audit of each company. Certainly, if you don't like the way a company or it's CEO is behaving, then speak with your wallet! I didn't like what Big Bob Nardelli did to Home Depot 4 or 5 years ago, and thus started avoiding the place.

Thanks to both for the tips!

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