The Cloth Diapering Rodeo

It has been amazing to watch our little baby change over the last month or so. It seems like over night she goes from sitting there taking the world in quietly to a non-stop explorer who loves to talk. As much as I love the changes the one hard part has been the diaper changes.

I'm sure all parents can relate to our experience as I'm well aware that it is not a unique one. Our baby would lay on the changing table so nicely while I changed her diapers. She would even hold her own legs up for me (to cute!). Now that she is 8 months old I have to wrestle her down, hold her legs up and keep her hands out of the way all while trying to wipe "real" poop and then put a prefold AND a cover on her. Most days I feel like I'm a cowgirl roping my calf because of the way I have to hold her down and she's flopping and fussing the whole time.

What to do? Do I give up on my cloth diapers? "Not I!" Says this bull headed ropin' cowgirl.

Instead of giving up it's time for a different strategy. My daughter has been in a size large for three months already and I have a nice collection of prefolds, fitteds, and velcro covers. Some I've bought but most I've sewn.

The Issues:

  1. She unvelcro's her covers all day everyday.
  2. She has "real" poop from starting on solids instead of runny baby poo.
  3. Moves nonstop while changing her.
  4. Mr. NtJS want's to go on a date and at the moment the babysitter's can't get her diapers on her right.
  5. Grandma's are not tucking the diapers into the covers correctly at the moment so she leaks and they feel horrible.
The Solutions:
  1. We switched to snap covers. So far they seem to work great. She can not get them off and they fit well. Velcro is easy to use but once your little one figures out how much fun it is to play with they just don't work.
  2. I purchased a roll of Tiny Tush disposable liners. They are 100% biodegradable and safe to use with septic systems. I've used them for a month and so far I really like they. They make cleaning up a drop in the bucket... or toilet in this case!
  3. Our last three issues are being solved with one solution. AIO or Pocket diapers. I've stayed way from them before for us they were more expensive since I was not willing to sew them (go ahead and call me chicken I don't mind). However, we need something that works and our current diapering system was not keeping up to par. I purchased a couple used AIO and Pocket diapers off of Diaper Swappers to try. As expected they worked really well and make thing much easier. I only tried snap diapers for obvious reasons and I liked the pockets better because they were easier to dry. The AIO's take longer to dry then everything else. If I was only going to have style of diaper in my rotation then I think I would have went for AIO, but I have a mix.
As we enter the next phase of our diapering for our youngest our cloth diaper stash did have to change but the key is that it is still just as do-able as it was when she was a new born. I still don't feel the need to go disposables and we are still saving money and the earth.

Do any of you cloth diapering veteran's (or ropin' cowgirls) have any other advice? Do any of you newbies to cloth have questions? I hope that this post helps others out there who struggle to make the cloth decision work for your family.


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