What Have YOU Done For Your Country Lately?

As Mr. NtJS stated we were up late pondering the country's latest economic issues. What brought us to this point, is this the bottom, etc. I could not fall asleep after that, since my brain was now awake. I started wondering how do we get out of this mess? Maybe I'm just over simplifying things, but I DO like simplicity. Here are my ideas to help get our county back on the right track.

"And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country. " JFK 1961

I love this speech! I read the full version today and it was so powerful. I can only imagine the power of the message for those who where there to hear it back in 1961. This powerful speech made me realize that we, the U.S. citizens, can have a powerful impact on the economy. We live in a free (sort of) market society. We helped to create this mess and we can help fix it.

So you want to know how? Here you go!

Step 1. Assessment- Set aside an evening to evaluate your own personal financial situation. Making sure that you have a large Emergency Fund. Don't panic, but make sure you are in good shape to weather the storm.

Step 2. Use Less- Now that you are scratching your head... I mean use less foreign products. Less Middle Eastern oil, less Chinese products... The less gas we use the better we all are because it will help to drive down the price of fuel. It will also help to push for new renewable energy growth here in the U.S. Which will save us money while giving American's jobs and keeping the money we do spend here in the U.S.

Step 3. Spend Wisely- This step will have the biggest impact on the national economy. I'm not asking you to go out and buy all the new stuff you can to max out a credit card. I'm asking you to buy used when possible and when you do have to buy something new, buy American. If we buy American made products, made by American companies the money all stays here, in the U.S. If we choice to buy foreign products made by foreign companies, all but a small sliver of that money will go overseas. That type of spending does not help our economy. At the worst if you can not by American made at least buy from an American company.

I know what you are thinking right now... But nothing is made in America! That is NOT true. At first you might have to change your shopping habits and do a little research to find out where to shop. No, you can not shop at Wal-Mart and buy cheap plastic crap that is not made in America. That cheap plastic widget is made in communist China by people in horrible unsafe sweatshops making pennies a day sleeping in dorms at the factory. Oh yeah, and did you hear that they put plastic powder in their baby formula? If we buy from them we support them and all of their short cuts!

It truly can be as simple as supporting American jobs. We hold the purse strings - literally! We have the ability to speak with our wallets in support of American companies and products. If we are employed and making money, we can then afford to pay our mortgage, buy food, etc. If we are doing those things then the housing market, banks, and other industries will not fall. If we act like we are intelligent caring Americans we CAN change the economy. I do understand that government and industries have a role to play but we have the biggest role to play.

No Stimulus Package can fix this country's problems.

We have to change our behaviors - permanently. I'd like to challenge ALL of you who are reading this to try these baby steps. Support American families by giving them jobs. This is what will fix our economy. We just have to put a plug in the drain before all our hard earned money goes down the drain to foreign countries. If you accept this challenge please say so in the comments section! We can be your support team. We will offer check ups along the way and let you know some of the things we use that are American made.

Take our Patriot Pact, and help get America back on track.


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