ReUse It! Rice Packs

Two things are always true in our house. Missing socks happen EVERY week on laundry day and boo-boos happen on a weekly basis as well. My daughter doesn't like have a stiff ice pack on her bumps so what's a mom to do? After some thinking and research I came up with this solution that marries the two truths together.

Why not fill an odd sock with rice? So while I was in one of those experimental modes I tried it out. If you don't have a sewing machine don't be discouraged! You could just as easily hand sew it.

Cost: $2.00 or less (if you have rice in your house already)

Time: 5 minutes or less

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials needed:

  • Sock (men's works the best but any will do)
  • Rice
  • 1 piece of scrap paper ( or funnel)
  • Needle and thread (if you don't have a sewing machine)


1. Fill- Using your scrap paper as a funnel fill your sock (right side out) with the rice. Fill the sock 3/4 of the way full. Pin or hold opening closed.

2. Sew- While keeping the end closed and even, stitch apx. 1/2 inch from the opening the full length of the opening.

3. Completed- Done! Yes, already done. Now go put it in the freezer and stop questioning me.

Overall Project Grade: A+

Project Notes: Super fast, super easy, super cheap, and super useful. What more could you want?

I love this project so much that I have made lots of them to keep on hand. They can also be warmed in the microwave to use as a heating pad. Just make sure to keep it dry.


Funny about Money said...

Cool! (Literally...)

My favorite hot pad thingie is a bag of what appears to be oatmeal -- at least, that's what it smells like when you microwave it. It holds heat well, doesn't have a weird wet chemical inside to leak out, and molds nicely around your sore spots. It came from a drugstore, but I've always thought you should be able to make one. Rice is a great idea!

aLMosT said...

You can make rice packs for heat as well, if you put it in the microwave, and set a glass of water beside it, for 2 minutes or untill desired heat is reached, it will provide a sustained moist heat, i use a rice pack for massages, but they are very nice to lie on in bed or for a soar back.

Small Footprints said...

Hi! Very nice site! I really like the "rice in a sock" idea. I also really liked your post on rain barrels ... the instructions were clear and "doable" for the average person. I did a quick browse of your other "green" posts and see that I'm going to have to return and do some more reading. I write a blog about easy ways that we can reduce our footprint on the earth. I've always believed that going green is also good for one's pocketbook ... I love that your site makes that connection. I enjoyed your site and will be back often. Thank you!
Small Footprints

daphne said...

Great idea! My kids scream when it comes to the ice pack. I'm going to give this one a try. Thanks Daphne

Kendra said...

We call them "Rice Socks" in our house. And forget about sewing them get out the soccer socks and just tie the end closed.
Oh we keep to in the freezer and one out ready to microwave when heat is needed. Get a sharpie and a few rubber bands and you can turn them into bears, bunnies, or whatever.

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