Proud Mom Moment

Yesterday my daughter got an early birthday present from my MIL. It is a cute medium sized sketch pad. She of course loved it since she is our budding artist. That night she said she wanted to draw a picture of the earth. So she took her pencil and drew a big circle.

Then to my surprise she asked me how you spell 'Reuse'. I helped her spell it as she wrote it at the top of the big circle. I asked her why she had put it in the earth?

She explained to me that she is an "Earth Helper" and she reuses to help the earth. As I was trying to keep from being to emotional she asked me how to spell Recycle, then Reduce. She was starting to catch on to the RE theme and wanted me to tell her other RE Earth Helper words. I gave her Renew and Reinvent. I was struggling to come up with some but that was enough to fill her earth.

After she finished writing we sat down together and talked about each word and what SHE does personally to help the earth using those big words (big for a 4 yr old). I just loved watching her write the words and truly understand what she does and why she does it. I also found the "Earth Helper" title she gave herself to be extremely cute!

It's great to see those glimpses of your child that tell you who they really are becoming.

I'm proud that my daughter sees herself as a superhero Earth Helper.


RecycleCindy said...

Wow what a touching message from a 4 year old who gets it. Hooray for the Rs. Tell her to keep on with the great message.

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