Add a Little Booze to Your Budget

We got all serious this week and when on a bit of a tare. At some point, PF bloggers have to stop squabbling about credit cards or rambling about saving money at CVS, and talk about the big picture. If you haven't already, take a look at these posts, and consider taking our Patriot Pact.

Now, here's a slightly more light hearted post. Enjoy!

With the exception of a couple months, the Mrs. has been either pregnant or nursing since we moved here 18 months ago. As most of you know, booze and babies don't mix. And as you married men know, if Mommy can't drink, then Daddy can't drink. Well, in the past couple months, baby has gotten to the point where her feedings are spaced far enough out to allow the Mrs. a drink from time to time. There's also been about a dozen time when I thought, "Wow, a beer would go great right about now."

But alas, we had none.

Until this month. I had thought about it a lot. The Mrs. is a budgeting ninja - it's really more of a finely tuned art for her. Everything is right where it needs to be. So with food prices constantly hitting new levels of crazy, my slipping a 6-pack into the grocery cart would likely not go over well. After discussing it, we found a different place to pull the money from and even gave it it's own little category: Booze.

So whether it's day trips, movies, concerts, or delicious alcohol, consider adding some fun into your budget. It doesn't have to cost a lot to improve your quality of life. Really, it's ok. Buy it when it's on sale if it makes you feel better. Just let your frugal down for a bit and have some fun.

What 'fun' do you have in your budget, or would like to add?


Tosha said...

"Just let your frugal down for a bit" lol, don't let my husband hear that! We don't let the fral down around here for his booze, just mine! He gets a weekly "allowance" though, and i don't. I guess we could call his allowance the booze fund because that is mostly all he buys!

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