Smartest Advice Round Up

We've given ours - yes hers and mine - and other bloggers have chimed in as well. I noticed these showing up on a few carnivals, so I thought I'd search out and post a round up of the Smartest Advice Ever Received by PF bloggers. A LOT of folks chimed in on this topic, so I've tried to single out the best ones I could find. No offense if yours isn't up here - I may not have found it! Chime in with your story in the comments, or bloggers can just link to their post.

A bunch of bloggers managed to sum up the advice from the folks in the original article (way to go, guys!), but didn't share their own - advice received, that is. Pony up, bloggers! Commenters too. Once again, if you did share and I missed it, then hit us up with the link and then go work on your Google page rank as apparently we need to as well - neither of ours came up!


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