Emergency Fund Complete!

Maybe you've been watching the progress bars on the right and maybe you haven't, but do note that the Emergency Fund is at 100%! For now.

We know how emergencies come and go around here, but with our health insurance maxed out for the year, at least we won't have to dip into it for any more medical expenses - this year. Through focus, the Mrs.' keen budgeting skills, and some unexpected irregular income, we've replenished it after the beating it took this year. And we're pretty pleased about that.

Bittersweet as it may be, we're enjoying it for now, and looking forward to all the other things we can do with the funds from that monthly line item.

On-ward and up-ward.

**NOTE** that HDTV Challenge progress bar is awfully close to 100% as well. Stay tuned for an update on that as well....


SheGazelle said...

Congratulations! I'm still trying to determine exactly how much to put in my Efund.
Anyhow, what a great feeling it must be to have that $9,000 between you and life!

(not) the Jet Set said...

Nice to have when you need it (the whole point of an emergency fund, right?). Really nice to have it back.

On setting your own target: We use the 3-6 months of expenses (expenses, not income) guideline. Really its a comfort level. What helps you sleep at night? With X amount I could weather *this* storm, but with Y amount, I could weather *these* storms. The best advice is to get started on it, and maybe set the goal midstream - ie, don't delay starting!

Congrats on the progress!


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