Credit Cards Are Like Fireworks

They've been likened to alcohol, guns and all sorts of things - some condemning, some encouraging, some indifferent. But as the 4th of July approaches, we've taken a slightly different view of these little plastic devils. Here is our list of seven eight reasons why credit cards are like fireworks:

  1. Anyone can get them - They aren't hard to get. Very little is required - no special certification, just a pulse (though they'll overlook that from time to time). A flash of an ID at most.
  2. They seem harmless. - There is no shortage of folks telling you how great they are, how they do it all the time and never have any problems. When everything goes OK, they are great. But all it take is one mis-fire and everything turns sour fast.
  3. What a great deal! - They sucker you in with a deal to good to pass up. Credit cards offering sweet, sweet rewards / Fireworks being sold as 'Buy one, Get 6 Free'. How could you go wrong?
  4. They can go off unexpectedly in your hand! - Whether your in the back yard or waling through the mall, either one of these can get you in the blink of an eye. Maybe it was your fault, maybe not.
  5. Parents shouldn't give them to kids. - Sure, they seem like fun for the whole family, but giving these to the kids and sending them out into the world is a recipe for disaster. More than likely, they will learn some lessons the very hard way.
  6. Mistakes happen. - Even those who were being 'responsible' can slip up from time to time. Neither of these two are terribly forgiving. Will it harm your pocket book, or your vision?
  7. They can be done safely. - Many people claim to be so careful as to never be in the line of fire - and I've seen it done. Yes, it is possible. Professionals put on extravagant displays year in and year out without incident. Then again, they are professionals -it's what they do. Maybe that's how you'd like to spend your time? Us? We've got better things to do.
  8. BONUS: You don't need them! - Opting out does not diminish your stature or put you at any disadvantage. In fact, you'll likely find that your life is just that much more simple.

Now on a serious note: It's great to stop and take time to honor our country - to reflect on those who founded it, and those who defend it. Take a moment to think about our freedoms: Use them, but don't abuse them. Have a safe and happy 4th. Be smart: Do yourself a favor and leave the fireworks (and the credit cards) to someone else.


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