A Confession About Our Wills

We went to an estate sale the other day. My wife was interested in several items, so we showed up early and waited in line. While waiting to get in, there were some people ahead of us in line chatting up the guy working the door. As we listened, they were talking about the former owner. They were asking about heirs, and how it seemed like everything was for sale. Well, everything was for sale. The lady who had passed was an only child and never married. When her parents passed, she got a lot f their stuff and now that she was gone, there were no living heirs. Her will had stipulated that all of her money, plus the proceeds from the sale of her house and the estate sale would go to her favorite local charity.

The Mrs. and I looked at each other, and talked about how cool that was. What a great thing she had done, and set up so well. I then looked at the Mrs. and asked, "Do we need to update our wills." "Yes", she replied hesitantly. She knew we had neglected that. We just hadn't had the time.

So here is our confession about our wills - they need to be redone. They were done in a different state, which may or may not be such a big deal, but why chance it? Also, we have our second little one who was not around at the time of the first wills. We'd like for her to be with her sister and not in foster care... maybe. Might be nice for the two of them.

So we've got some work to do. It's not a tough process as we have mirror image wills. With that our wills read the same, just with different names in the blanks. The fist time through, deciding what to do with our baby was the toughest part. We had come to a good conclusion and it had worked out quite well. But will we keep it the same?

We have some work to do, but it's not that tough. We get our templates from US Legal Forms and have found them to be a good product at a fair price. Add a /dave to that address and you can get the Dave Ramsey discount. We partially chose to go the DIY route as we had considerable difficulties in finding a lawyer who would actually spend time on this. Every one we contacted wanted to send us a form to fill out and mail back. And then charge us $400! We get the same thing here for $40 - or less!

What will be the toughest decision in filling out your will(s)?


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