How To: Take The Stink Out of Your Shower Curtain

Though possible, vinyl shower curtains are tough to avoid. Obviously, this must be the cheapest way to an effective solution (for the manufacturer, that is). But after installing a new one, how many of you have felt like hurling every time you get in the shower going?

One, two, three, four...seventeen... sixty-three....

Ok, anyways, as you may or may not know, that is the smell of the chemicals in the plastic off-gassing. That same process that give you 'new-car' smell, or 'new-house' smell. Also known as the reason you shouldn't be painting the inside of your house when pregnant.

Chemicals, lovely, chemicals.

So how to avoid this the next time you need to replace a shower curtain? Apparently there are alternatives to vinyl such as cotton. Sounds great to me, but a tad salty. If you can't bring yourself to spend $35 on a shower curtain, then pick up that $2.99 vinyl one and hang it up - outside. Keep those nasty fumes out of your house and keep your breakfast down by hanging it on the clothes line for a few days. Rain or shine, you should be OK. Then bring it inside once you can't smell it anymore.


Anonymous said...

Buy a nylon shower curtain, they are a bit more than vinyl, but watch the sales. They go in the washer and come out clean. No stink.

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