Do You Trust Trans Union?

The reason I ask is because they sold your personal information in the form of marketing lists to other businesses. You know, exactly what you expect businesses not to do, yet a few scum bags always do. Well add Trans Union to that scum bag list (if you hadn't already). The class action lawsuit against them has been settled, and it is very likely that you are an eligible member of the class. Did you have an open line of credit in the last 21 years? Yeah? Then you're in.

Student loan, car loan, credit lines... are mortgages not included?

The Settlement Class is defined as: All consumers who had an open credit account or an open line of credit from a credit grantor located in the United States at any time during the period January 1, 1987 to May 28, 2008.
Your three settlement options are:

  • Cash payment*
  • 6 months of basic monitoring services + a cash payment*
  • 9 months of enhanced monitoring services
So if you are like me and thinking, "Cash payment. Yeehaw!", then hold up. That little asterisk is important, because as you should expect, there's a catch:
If cash benefits become available they will not be distributed until at least two years after the Court grants final approval.
Yeah, so in 2 years you might get some undisclosed amount of money out of this. Just stop, Trans Union, you had me at "sold consumer information". So anyways, I'll be trying out their 'enhanced' monitoring service to see if it's worth anywhere near the $115.50 that they value it at (My guess is 'No', but I'll try and be open minded about it.) As a class member, you have until September 24, 2008 to file your claim here.

Are you a class member? Which option did you choose? Do you really think in yeehaw's?


Anonymous said...

How timley...

My year of free credit monitoring provided to me by my credit union after they "misplaced" a backup tape just expired.

What with dirt bags and incompetent folks running the nation's companies we'll never have to buy credit monitoring.

Whooo hooo...

JL Johnson

CBIXBY said...

So, it sounds like a lot of work, just to maybe get a few bucks in a few years. And i will probably get taxed on it too..HA!

I have to wonder about the free 6months of monitoring. If I activate it, it probably has that little catch that you must cancel your free membership atleast 30 days before the end of the 6 months, or you will automatically be charged for another 6 months or even a year.

Sounds like a drug deal... first ones free, then they sell the rest to you at a higher price.

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