$2.049................. per HALF-Gallon

Here's a hot tip for you. When out and about, and no doubt on the lookout for the best gas prices, don't let your jaw hit the ground when you see something like this. Mom and Pop gas stations that have old fashioned gas pumps (the kind with dials, and not digits), may be pricing their gas by the half-gallon, and not the whole.

Before you lay into them about deceptive advertising, know this: Their antiquated gas pumps won't let them price the fuel at more than $3.99. Aparently the wait to get the pumps updated for our new and fabulous global economy is 17 weeks! Yao! Pricing it by the half-gallon is just a temporary work around that allows them to still sell their main product - gas.

And that's what that's all about.


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