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It seems like forever ago, though it was actually only 3 months ago that we blogged about how to handle irregular income. In fact, that was our first 'How To'. That post had some screen-caps of a very basic Excel file that we were using. And there's nothing wrong with using something so basic. But we've been beefing up our Excel skills, and decided to try some things out on that old file. We were quite pleased with the results. We are proud to announce that our Irregular Income Spending Plan v1.0 is now available - for free. There is a link at the end of this post, and you can also find it on the right under "NtJS Downloads".

We have added formulas that handle the running total for you as well as a function that compares the running total to the income to show you how far your money takes you down the list.

We'll update it as needed, and we also plan to release more files like it in the future.

NtJS - Irregular Income Spending Plan - .xls



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