The Greenest Cars Are Also The Frugal-est

Yes, you read that awkward title right. And you should also check out this post on Wired's Autopia blog about going green. It's not the typical 'God drives a Prius' green vehicle article. Quite the contrary.

In keeping with our selling/buying used cars series, Autopia implores you to go green and buy used. In the post, Chuck Squatriglia writes:

As Matt Power notes in this month's issue of Wired, hybrids get great gas
mileage but it takes 113
million BTUs of energy to make a Toyota Prius
. Because there are about
113,000 BTUs of energy in a gallon of gasoline, the Prius has consumed the
equivalent of 1,000 gallons of gasoline before it reaches the showroom. Think of
it as a carbon debt -- one you won't pay off until the Prius has turned over
46,000 miles or so.
There's an easy way to avoid that debt -- buy a used
car. The debt has already been paid. But not just any used car will do.

Chuck goes on to list several vehicles on the used market that get milage comprable to today's fuel-misers - only the ones in his list are 10-20 years old and can likely be had for very little. Kinda makes you want to puke. Sure, the vehicles on the list will do very little for your street cred, let alone your eco cred, but do you really care about what other people think about your car?

We're really big on being debt-free, and this is another debt we'd rather be free from. Some great thoughts to think about when you go to replace your current vehicle.


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