Did You Hear That?!

Wait! Shhhhh. Listen.


There it is again! Do you know what that is?

Hyenas laughing?


That's the sound of the economy being stimulated, silly. Waves of free money have been magically appearing (direct depositing) into bank accounts all across America. We can now declare "Mission Accomplished" as we have surely avoided a recession. My grass looks greener. Does yours? Maybe a coincidence. I'm sure that the housing market will be turning around now. Probably just after the stock markets pick up. What do you think? Tuesday? Wednesday, at the latest?

As we stated previously, our 'magic money' went straight in with our irregular income. Most of it will go into our emergency fund (which is still recovering from several rounds of medical bills), and a hole in the ground - a new well to be specific. Exciting, eh? Well it is for us. A small portion will go to a couple of nice things for the family. One of which we'll be announcing soon.

So what have you done with your stimulus check?


Momma said...

Well darn, as I said over at my place, we're not getting stimulated. Guess I'll have to depend on the rain to get my grass green. *smile* Luckily, the IRS has gone and put our "stimulus" directly toward our back taxes... right where we would have put it.

Mr. Smart Cards said...

Top off emergency fund. 3 months of E fund done. phew. The balance went into car replacement fund, computer replacement fund, and House improvement fund.

SheGazelle said...

I'm thinkin' $1200 would buy a real nice debt-free celebratory vacation...

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