We have been featured on four carnivals/festivals this week. We are pleased to welcome all new readers to Not the Jet Set. To find out more about us, click here. We are a personal finance blog focused on frugality, stewardship, and current events, while also telling our story as a family and the personal finance decisions we have made. Thanks for stopping by.

The Carnival of Debt Reduction is up at Rocket Finance. It features our Ode to the frozen pizza as one of the two Top Picks for the week! (Thanks, RocketC!) We are honored and humbled. We hope you enjoy reading this one as much as we did in writing it. Here are some other great posts from the carnival.

  • Ana at DebtFREE-Revolution has a great post about the Fed's proposals for a Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights. I will be amazed if any of these bills or proposals find their way out of sub-committee, let alone find their way to the President's desk. It's at least fun to put the screws to these scumbags credit card issuers.
  • Murphy has been visiting the Paid Twice house pretty regularly, which certainly does stink. We've been there (maybe not with as many zeros, but we've been there), and all we can say is, Keep plugging along! You're already in a good place, and you'll get there. The road into debt was not short, and the road out will not be either.
  • My Daily Dollars has posted their 5 Budget Busters, and they certainly are a good read. Great to see this challenge still rolling on, and getting responses from so many perspecives.
The 124th Festival of Frugality is up at Frugal For Life and listed in alphabetical order by the name of the blog. With that, we're about half-ways down with our latest edition of Everyday Frugal: Earth Day 2008.
  • Millionaire Mommy Next Door also has some great green tips on household cleaning.
  • Living The Cheap Life weighs in on what he won't compromise on when it comes to buying cheap.
  • My Daily Dollars is canning food at home. We did this last year and will do even more this year.
The Carnival of Money Stories has posted at FreeFromBroke featuring our (my) financial beating post. It's a story that we can all learn from, especially those of you just starting out.
  • Money and Investing has a similar post detailing some of their financial mistakes, just not in as excruciating detail as ours. Still, it's important to talk about these things.
  • Holy Cash Cow has a fun post about a recent auction experience with their young son. A great lesson that he'll always remember, and a great teachable moment.
The Carnival of Personal Finance is up at Alpha Consumer this week and features our hotly debated post on getting your kick-back fix from Scrip cards instead of Credit cards. This weeks theme is surviving on the squeeze, and there were some great posts that caught my eye:

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Debt Free Revolution said...

Thanks for not one but two links :) Glad to see someone is appreciating the stagflation survival efforts ... but I must say the research part of this is tough.

Free From Broke said...

Thanks for linking back to the Money Stories Carnival. Very nice round-up you did!

Momma said...

I really enjoyed reading your featured posts. I'll be wandering over to look at the carnivals soon too!

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