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We've pushed the deadline out on the blog advertisement poll. We want to capture as much feedback as possible as this is something we have been against doing in the past. But maybe we were too hasty? So far, the poll is telling us that most people don't mind, so long as they are relevant to the topic.

Here is what has caused us to reconsider:

"Business and Financial Blog Network: an invitation to join: Forbes.com

You are invited to join the new community of the high quality business and financial bloggers from Forbes.com. Our community, the Business and Financial Blog Network, recently launched. I was just searching the key word “personal finance” and came upon your blog.

Your blog will be promoted to our roster of blue-chip advertisers and we will only run campaigns that are appropriate for your audience. You will receive 40% of all net revenues collected by Forbes.com (after agency commitments, ad serving fees and external network support)

Our Adify advertising technology enables you to:

* Review and approve any advertisement

* Access to on-demand, real-time reports regarding the performance of campaigns and naturally your earnings.

You have a choice of ads positions. Please note that we need your site to run the 728x90 leaderboard PLUS either the 160x600 skyscraper and/or 300x250 rectangle.

* 728x90 leaderboard

* 160x600 skyscraper

* 300x250 rectangle

Other benefits:

Forbes.com will provide you with a Business and Financial Blog Network badge to denote membership. You will also receive semiannual research from us that sheds new light on trends and traction of the Blog Network to help you know more about your readers and other blogs in the network. We will host an annual conference at the Forbes Galleries for members of our Blog Network, presenting new trends, tools and other aspects of technology that affect the blogging community in general and our members' specifically."
Seems like a good way to increase our exposure. We really aren't terribly interested in the ad revenue, but if we have to compromise on our 'no ads' stance, then we should get something out of it.

The poll is open until May 31st. Comments are always welcome as well.


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