This week's Carnival of Personal Finance features our post on how credit card companies are like abusive spouses. Hey, it was CitiGroup's analogy, we just ran with it. Thanks to The Happy Rock for hosting. Below are some other featured posts of interest.
  • Paid Twice has a nice piece on the $1000 emergency fund, and how it's a bigger deal than it sounds - especially when you have zero in savings.
  • Momma from Tales From The Road Less Traveled is less than impressed with Suze Orman's book, and I can see why.

The 122nd edition of the Festival of Frugality posted on Tuesday, and Aaron at On Financial Success has taken a stab at a paragraph format for the festival as opposed to the traditional bullet point method. It makes for a nice read, but made it really hard to find our own post on watering your garden by building your own inexpensive rainwater collection system.
There were some other great articles as listed below (sorry, no paragraph format)
  • Out of Debt Again has a great post on saving money on ground beef, and she's not talking about buying that stuff that comes in tubes with a picture of ground beef on the outside.
  • We've been in our garden already and so has the Frugal Babe. Can't beat home grown veggies - on cost or taste.

Wednesday brings the Carnival of Money Hacks which also features our rainbarrel-building tutorial as an Editor's Pick! (Thanks, Mike!) I felt it prudent to submit this to a few carnivals as a bit of an 'Earth Day' effort to spread the word. Other PF bloggers can focus on recession-proofing their finances - we're drought-proofing. Thanks to our PF bloggers to the North, The Quest for Four Pillars for hosting. Some other money hacks you may want to check out:
  • Squawkfox is all in a huff about free-bee offers from retailers, and I don't blame her. Once upon a time there may have been some deals to be had, but those days are over.
  • Master Your Card outlines the detail of Barrack Obama's proposed "Credit Card Bill of Rights". There are some good ideas there, but maybe he should get back to work and get some of those into the bill that is already on the table.
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Momma said...

Hey there! Thanks for the mention! Can I add you to my blogroll?

(not) the Jet Set said...

Thanks for telling it like it is! Would be honored to be added. I need to work on mine as well.


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