Carnivals/Carnivals/Carnivals (Carnivals)

We have four carnivals in town this week. First I would like to welcome Treehugger's Carnival of the Green and it's readers. This is our first post with them and hopefully not our last. This is also our debut on the Green It! Carnival. Welcome, all around.

The Conservation Report is hosting the aforementioned Carnival of the Green this week, which features our tutorial on rainbarrel construction. We're really trying to get the word out on this How To. It's an easy project, it's modular, adaptable to your needs, and yields some great results both financially and ecologically. Some other posts of note:

  • Cindy at My Recycled Bags has a great tutorial on crocheting bags out of plarn. I won't even begin to try to explain what plarn is , but she even shows you how to make your own.
  • Lisa at Greener pastures has a great post on fair trade coffee and the power of consumers over stockholders. Consumer demand trumps all.
GreenMe presents the Green It! Carnival, and we have managed to sneak our rainbarrel tutorial in there as well. Stewardship is part of our mantra and it can co-exist with frugality. So, there! So many great articles in this carnival, but here are a few that stood out:
  • Michelle at Organically Inclined offers a fabulous post on cloth diapering. If only more people considered this option instead of automatically opting for those terrible disposable things.
  • Tired Gardener makes the case for their new HE washer and dryer. Modern appliances are so much more energy and resource efficient than their predecessors it's not even funny. We love our frontloaders.
  • Kate at the Green Thinking Blog advocates ditching the ubiquitous plastic bags for durable, reusable bags for your daily shopping/activities. We couldn't agree more.
The Carnival of Debt Reduction is back after a 5 week absence on our part and hosted by Broke Grad Student. It features our Budget Busters challenge post. This is always an interesting discussion, so feel free to post some of yours in the comments, or blog about it yourself. Some articles we enjoyed:
  • I've Paid for this Twice Already... talks about another reason why debt stinks. As if you needed another reason to hate debt. Great thoughts - we've totally been there.
  • Financialzip has some interesting insights from a credit card company insider. Even with 'responsible usage', these snakes still find a way to bite.
Perennial favorite, the Carnival of Personal Finance is in it's 150th edition and hosted by Lazy Man and Money. It features our post on the proposed Credit Cardholder's Bill of Rights. It's in the 'Credit' category which fell just above 'Other'. Eh. Some other posts that are worth a look:

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