Thanks Again

Another month of blogging, and I'm just as honored and humbled by our numbers as with last month's.

  • 1200 visits
  • 1969 pageviews

What's more surprising, is the 1:55 average time on site means that some of you are actually reading the posts. As our admittedly odd way of saying "thanks", below is a small tribute to the areas with our largest readership.

  1. We're big in Eureka Springs! Last year we spent some time in ES, AR and had a great time, though the mountainous, winding roads do take some getting used to. None the less, beautiful scenery, great people - a good time was had by all.
  2. NYC. Yes, New York City came in second to Eureka Springs. Deal with it. It's been 5 years since we last visited NYC, and we're always looking for an excuse to go back. After returning from our last trip, we saw scenes from Law & Order shot in places we had just been. Kinda cool, but probably commonplace to those who live there.
  3. Someone in Byron Center, MI loves us, and we love you too. Next time we're in Grand Rapids, maybe we can meet up at the Beltline Bar for some of their Mexican Poutine and talk frugal.
  4. The last time we were in Houston, TX was for a Dave Ramsey LIVE! event. Dead serious. Reliant Area was not terribly comfortable, but Dave was great as always.

Odd that the top four locations are all places we've been. Creepy that all of this data is readily available via Google Analytics. Other locations to note for the past month: Washington, Bell Gardens, Harrisburg, Chicago, and Prince Albert. If your city didn't make the list then you obviously aren't reading enough. Visit and visit often.

Thanks Again


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