Buying The Presidency: Update

I may be slow on the uptake sometimes. This little tidbit helps answer two questions:

  1. Who's campaign was Huckabee referring to as being financed with debt?
  2. Why was Mittens so defensive about how much of his own money he had spent on his campaign?

The answers are:

  1. Mitt Romney. He has been loaning his own money to his campaign. ~$35 million to date.
  2. Because 18 of the $27 million Mitt 'raised' in the fourth quarter of '07 came from his own bank account. Meaning he actually raised $9 million, and borrowed $18 million from himself. Could this guy get any creepier?

So Mitt's messege is: If you can't afford the lifestyle you desire, then finance it? Oh, yeah, you're real strong on economic issues. And how does his campaign go about paying Mitt back? Or is he taking advantage of a loophole in the laws of campaign finance, and doesn't expect to be payed back?


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