Welcome Carnival of Personal Finance Readers

My HDTV Challenge article is featured in the Carnival of Personal Finance #137! Big thanks to The Dividend Guy for hosting. Looks like I need to write a better description next time I submit an article. A few articles I enjoyed:

  • Jason from The Amatureist Financial Journey has a great piece about crappy insurance. It reminds me about the crap state of health insurance in this country and something interesting I found out about my own.
  • Laura's article from Green Panda Treehouse on separate finances in a marriage just leaves me asking, "Why?". As someone with shared finances it just seems terribly complicated, but at least they found something that works for them.
  • Bob McDonald from The Platinum Years Network asks What if We SAVED Our “Stimulus Package” Checks? What? We should't go out and blow the money like its two weeks after April 15th? Crazy, Bob, crazy (I happen to agree).
I've only parsed a small fraction of the articles in #137. Be sure to have a look for yourself. Please take a few minutes to check out the rest of my site (really won't take long, trust me).

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