So what's it really worth?: Curtain Rods

What is a $45 curtain rod really worth? I don't know, but I just bought one for $2.

Whaaa? Ok, so the finial on one end was damaged, though it's pretty hard to tell. It had been placed on the clearance cart (one of our favorite hang-outs) as we were walking by - while shopping for curtain rods. It was the size we needed, the style would work for the room, and the price was beyond right. They even had the piece that was broken off of the cast finial with the rest of it. With the sharpie ink still drying on the label, we carried off our find.

The rod is now installed and looks great. The $43 part that was broken off of the finial is sitting on the end table. Not sure what we'll do with it.


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