Who is Mrs. Not the Jet Set?

What a great question! It seems like a simply answer would do, but really, I'm a complicated person. Just ask the Mister. I'm a Gemini by birth and the twins in one person is so true in my life.

I grew up in the Midwest on our family's farm. Growing up in the middle of corn fields with out friends close by, you learn a lot. How to work, be creative, go without, live simply and most importantly that God and family are the most important things in this world and the next.

Those same values have always stuck with me. The Mr. and I are high school sweethearts. After finishing college in our home state we decided to take a leap of faith and move to Austin, Texas. We enjoyed 5 great years in Austin and even started our family there. Then it was time to move closer to family. That is when we ended up in SW Michigan in a small town on Lake Michigan. Three years later we are still here and enjoying it.

I've done about everything. I've been a working mom, working at home mom, and now a stay at home mom. I've done all sorts of volunteer work from mission work in Haiti to teaching Financial Peace University at our local church. I've traveled all over the USA, but I love staying home too. I have more hobbies then one could count, but I can't sit still so I guess they keep me out of trouble. My true loves (besides God and my family) is gardening and sewing.

I love gardening for several reasons. First, I feel like I'm being a true steward of God's creation. He gave us this beautiful earth for us to take care of. If we take care of it correctly we will have everything we need. So I feel like if I'm doing my best to garden organically and allow nature to do it's thing, I'm doing what God wanted us to do. The second reason is that it is a way for me to provide the healthiest food for my family and the environment. There is no question about were our food came from.

Sewing has always been close to my heart. My dear grandmother taught me how to sew when I was little. I wanted to learn so bad, but my mom would not teach me because she was afraid I would hurt myself (I'm a lefty). So off to grandma's house I went. Every summer I would spend time at her house learning to sew and working on 4-H sewing projects. When ever I sew an item I'm proud of I think of my grandma. It also gives me the creative outlet that I need. If I'm stressed I always reach for a sewing project. The sound of the sewing machine helps me to forget my worries.

Just to add to the complicated person that I am. I'm also a very thrifty person AND an environmentalist. My five year old is already haggling at garage sales and then crying when we drive by an area where they are cutting down live trees. I can tell she spends a lot of time with me. LOL

As complicated as I am, I really do strive for simplicity in life. Living the "Less is More" life style. Well, I don't want to bore you with more talk about me. Just take a look at our posts to see who I am. I don't hold back much other then our "real" names!


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