Thrifty Christmas - Part 10

Did you like the last tip but don't have the time or the money? If that's the case then this next thrifty Christmas idea might be for you!

The best gift I have ever received was the cutest homemade gift certificates from my husband and daughter. This is a great idea for a cheap gift for your spouse. It can be as practical or romantic as you would like it to be. There is nothing better then redeeming a gift card for a foot massage or a week free of laundry duty.

What are your favorite free gifts?


lo said...

This is what I'm doing for my little brother this year! He's 6 years old and has way too many toys already so I'm making certificates of fun activities we can do together like make a pizza, have a camp out in the living room and other things like that!

I'm glad I stumbled onto your blog- I really love some of your other ideas :)

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